Portfolio of Selected Clients

Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is an author, speaker and transition activist with a growing world-wide audience. For the last three years I have served as Charles' "Entropy Tamer" (aka Program/Product Manager), supporting him and his tech team in envisioning and integrating a flexible online architecture to dynamically deliver his many content offerings. This includes ongoing development and management of his online courses, which we call Learning Journeys.

Learning Journeys

Charles' learning journeys are vehicles to explore various dimensions of the transition between stories. Depending on the topic, learning journeys generally run for 4-8 sessions and include extensive audio content, as well as private Facebook groups to deepen the conversation.

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Flexible Content Design + Collaboration with Tech Developers

I work with Charles and team on creative ideas for online courses, and tech developer Adrian Hoppel to design and manage the infrastructure to serve them. We release at least two new immersive programs per year serving (on average) 1,000 audience members at launch with ongoing admissions. This includes having managed major content restructuring and migration from multiple websites/user databases into an integrated system now serving 7,000+ members, as well as overseeing new product releases and upgrades.

Podcasts, Essays, Videos, & Books

Charles' vast array of online content includes self-guided courses, a semi-regular podcast series, many essays, videos, four books, and a very active Facebook community  interested in transitioning to a new story of interbeing....and it is offered heartfully "in the gift."

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Legacy Farms

I am currently serving as part-time interim Executive Director for Legacy Farms. Together, we are working to refine their program offerings and develop local partnerships to support individuals with Autism and related social and developmental challenges. We are developing a "mentor / apprenticeship" model of training in our demonstration garden within a newly launched 8-week anchor summer program, Flourish & Grow.

In designing Flourish & Grow, I have worked with the organization to integrate an emphasis on the personal development characteristics of Grit and Gratitude. This involves structuring the environment and offerings so that personal growth emerges alongside  instruction in gardening skills and opportunities to represent the organization within the community through real-world delivery responsibilities


AltSchool is a cutting-edge, Silicon-Valley-based Ed Tech innovator. I collaborated with AltSchool leadership and an initial partner school to envision and define core educational programs in alignment with AltSchool platform integration. This included clarifying the partner school's philosophy and priorities, creating unit definition, organizing resources and workflow, then overseeing production to launch new programs within the school environment based on insight gained during this process.

Berthold Academy & Mindful Schools

Mindful Schools is an essential part of Berthold Academy's programming. I supported strategic visioning and design of Berthold's innovative Personal Development program, their "I AM" learning model, and six-phase meta-structure for PBLs based on "learning how to learn." We expanded experiential learning across disciplines for tightly integrated programming, and launched Mindful Schools' curriculum along with Character Lab's goal-setting as daily practices for increased self-awareness.

School Program Integration

Culinary & Food Studies

Culinary and Food Studies Integrated in Education

I customize culinary programs for schools, including sequenced cooking classes that sync with educational content ranging from sustainable eating and social/political food studies to mindful eating and the importance of community. Each program is an adaptation of my core program to suit the individual school's need, as shown here.

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Website Structuring & Content

I support clients in scalable structuring of content on their websites to inform parents, students and visitors about the school's mission and programs. We focus on content delivery, blogging and marketable presentation of the client's initiatives.

Mindfulness & Personal Health

Mindfulness Integrated in Education

I sync mindfulness practices with healthy eating and personal development, based on the resources and interests of the school, to create a distinctive customized program that is manageable and enjoyable. The relationship of mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-organization to optimal learning is shown in this program.

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